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Check List for Canadian Tax Return

Office Work
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Pay Slips


  • Employment Slips (T4)

  • Employment Insurence (T4E)

  • Other pension slips (T4A)

  • Old Age Security (T4A-OAS)

  • CPP benefits (T4AP)

  • Interests, dividends etc (T5, T3, T5008)

  • Social assistance/ worker compensation (T5007)

  • Tuition/ education receipts (T2202A)

  • All other related slips



  • Medical Expenses 

  • Charitable donations

  • RRSP contributions

  • Union Dues

  • Childcare / adoption expense

  • Moving expenses

  • Home renovations expense

  • In home office expense

  • interest paid on student loans

  • Professional certificate exam expense

  • Child support/spouse support

  • Teacher school supplies

  • Worker Tool expense

  • Other employment expenses

Other Related Documents


  • Rental Income

  • Rental expense receipts

  • Sale of stock or bonds etc

  • Sale of  principal residence

  • CRA correspondence

  • Business/farms expense

  • Business/farms income

  • Disability credit

  • Travel expense

  • Notice of assessment

Student Tax Return - $30

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Canadian Tax
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Find the information that you need to know for canadian taxes. 

  • Income tax


  • Child and family benefits

  • Savings and pension plans​

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