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Frequently Asked Questions

 01  Should I file the tax return?

There is no exemption, if you are 18 and above you must file tax whether you are making money or not. As a resident of Canada, CRA expects to receive an income tax return from you. One of the main benefits of filing the tax return is that you may also eligible for GST/HST or child benefits.  




 02  When the individual taxes are due?

In general, the individual taxes are due on April 30th of the year, and if the due date falls on weekend or Sunday then CRA extends the date to next business day. 




 03  What if I receive notice for CRA Audit?

CRA auditing can be stressful however you need to keep calm. you need to respond promptly and provide all the information and be respectful.




 04  Can I prepare my personal tax return?

Yes, you can visit our tax help page and collect all required documents related to you and you can visit our office and our experts will help you to file the tax or do it yourself by visiting CRA website and follow the instructions.  




 05 I haven't filed my tax return from last 5 years, can I still file tax for all those years?   

Yes, you can file the tax return however you need to provide all the information and all the returns will be done separately. 

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